This is the biggest reason I no longer consider myself a “Christian”

Just in case it hasn’t become clear to anyone yet, I no longer consider myself a “Christian”, at least not in the way most people use that word today (I still believe that Jesus probably existed, but I think that nearly everything the churches want you to believe about him is a total and blatant lie, and that most preachers know better and are deliberate liars!).  There are numerous reasons for that (I have blogged about some of them in previous posts) but one of the biggest is because I started to realize just how hateful and evil so many “Christians” are.  For example:

Atheist Girl In Rhode Island Faces Stream Of Death Threats

Jessica Ahlquist is a 16-year-old self-described nerd who has garnered nationwide attention after successfully suing to have a giant banner emblazoned with an official school prayer removed from the auditorium of her public high school in Cranston, Rhode Island. The response has demonstrated the limits of Christian love — she has basically become the villain of her entire city, with her state representative, Peter Palumbo, called Jessica an “evil little thing” on the radio, and a sample of the online outpouring of hatred from other Cranston residents can be seen on JesusFetusFajitaFishsticks:

Click on the link to the article to see the image, but be advised that if you are a person with any shred of decency and compassion, you will be shocked at what has been said to this teenage girl.

I think that the reason people talk like this is because they are not following the true Jesus (the one that gave the Sermon on the Mount) and that the “god” they believe in was an evil impostor, not the true creator of all that is.  I’m not an atheist (and to be honest, I think some hard-core atheists are just as bad as some fundamentalists Christians) but I just don’t believe that a “god” who can wipe out three thousand of his own “chosen people” is anything other than pure evil (and that begs the question of why anyone who is NOT Jewish would believe that particular “god” wants anything to do with them). Of course the Jews had to manufacture a “devil” who is supposedly even worse, but as far as I am concerned they were probably all aliens (or other-dimensional beings, perhaps) with very human traits, including killing and lying (and actually we got some of THEIR bad traits because they mixed their DNA with ours, both through artificial insemination and through breeding, the latter as mentioned briefly in the book of Genesis).

Even if modern “Christians” weren’t so hateful, I still would not believe the way they do (if you want to know why, read William Bramley’s book “The Gods of Eden” as an introductory volume – you might be able to find excerpts online if you search for it).  Or you could look up the “Nag Hammadi Library“, an archaeological discovery in 1945 that most churches won’t even talk about.  I think what passes for “Christianity” today (and in fact, is the basis of ALL religions) is a desire by those of the clergy/priestly class to make money and/or control people (usually both).  I’m not saying the people warming the seats on Sunday (or Saturday) morning are all evil, just uninformed and in many cases quite a bit naïve, and I’m not even saying all churches are sinister, though many certainly are.

It took me FAR too long to realize much of this (and I wish I could get back the years I lost to that nonsense), but it sure helped when the Internet and search engines came along and I could start looking things up to try to determine what was true and what was B.S.  The information is all out there, you just have to be willing to look for it, the same way you might look up information on a multi-level marketing (pyramid) scheme that’s trying to sucker you into something so that someone else can exert power over you and take your money.  If someone doesn’t want to look, there’s nothing you can do.  And I do understand that if all your friends and social connections are in a religious group, and you know they will shun you if you leave, it would be very hard to leave – but the fact that they would shun you proves they are not as nice as you may think.  If someone will only “love” you because you believe exactly as they do and agree with them (or pretend to do so), then it’s not real love.  And if you worship a “god” because you fear he will strike you down, or send you to some form of horrific punishment when you die, that’s not love either.


  1. Jimi said

    I am reminded of the quote from Gandhi “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  2. nick digger said

    She’s lucky they aren’t muslims. Having said that, she is not rejecting religion, she is rejecting the people around her. No religion or deity is being forced down her throat by the inanimate presence of a banner; rather, a large group of her peers and neighbors seek to passively express a token sentiment underlying their various denominational faiths. So, she tells everybody — very publicly — F*** you”, and is shocked that some of them returned the sentiment? What a stupid, self-important little girl.

  3. Nick, just hypothetically, suppose I wrote this to you:

    “What a stupid fucking lowlife asshole you are. If something — anything — ever offends you, well fuck you, just suck it up and deal with it. You have no right to ever feel offended by anything anyone ever does to you after that comment. If I were to spit in your face, you must turn the other cheek and say ‘I deserved that’ and then lie down and let me crap all over you, and then tell me ‘thank you’ afterwards.”

    Those are just words, so you should not find them offensive, right?

    I trust I have made my point.

    What, you say, “but that’s different!” No, nick, it really isn’t. Just because you do not see how something could be offensive to someone doesn’t mean it isn’t. I view the situation quite differently. She’s not rejecting all the people around her, just those who feel they should have the right to advertise or advocate their particular religion or belief system in a place she is forced by law to attend each day, and which is supposed to be a religion-neutral setting according to the laws of our country. And further, just because a majority wants to impose something on a minority, that doesn’t make it right. And that’s assuming those banners do represent a majority view, and there’s no evidence of that. Typically such items are placed by a small but obnoxious minority that love to test the limits and see just how much they can get away with, before someone tells them they are way out of line. The school administration should have done that years ago.

    There are plenty of places where religious people have the right to advertise their beliefs, and their ridiculous superstitions, to other people. A public school simply is not such a place. They were breaking the law, and the girl called them on it. She’s a hero in my book.

    I applaud and congratulate what this girl has done. And I guess a lot of other people do as well. Last time I read anything about her, more than $40,000 had already been contributed to a college scholarship fund for her.

    nick, I trust the next thing you post will be an apology for your stupid and insensitive comment. If you don’t, consider this your welcome to my “banned commenter” list.

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