How to use the Simon Telephonics Google Voice gateway with an Obihai device to provide Caller ID Name on incoming Google Voice calls

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  1. jimates said

    How does the Simon Telephonics interface with google voice. The real question is: If we do not use the Obi to connect to GV, can we run the Grove IP or talkatone apps on our smart phones without interfering. You know those apps interfered with the Obi because of duplicate gmail log ins.

  2. Bill said

    MT: the CNAM data should be pretty accurate, because it’s the real thing: CNAM database dips.

    jimates: it interfaces with Google Voice in the usual manner, by connecting through Google Talk. If you open other Google Talk clients on the same account, your calls may or may not ring on the gateway. Most users I have talked to report that they do not. Google’s method for how to route GV calls to multiple Talk clients is unclear to me.

  3. Bill, I didn’t know you were using real CNAM data, that’s great! I amended my article to indicate that.

    I wonder if there is any way you could provide message waiting indication. I know that the Obihai devices manage it somehow (it was added in a firmware upgrade last year) but I think perhaps they may have to use some kind of Google API to see if there are any “unarchived” voice mails. I think that PyGoogleVoice also provides a way to do this but I am not a python programmer so I have no idea how you’d use that to get the indication. And then there is the question of whether, assuming you could periodically check Google Voice to see if there are messages waiting, you could somehow induce YATE to send the message waiting indication to the connected SIP device (since YATE would not be storing the voicemails on its own server). It’s just a thought, but I realize that chances are that it’s probably not possible in your current implementation (which is why I recommended that people get their voicemail notifications via e-mail or text message).

  4. Theron Johnson said

    michigantelephone, thanks for the tip about Simon Telephonics providing CNAM. Using it with my Obi100 and GV and it works great!


  5. pikach said

    I have 2 obi202 devices, would it be possible to have the same simon account logged in in both devices? I would like to have 4 lines on the same GV account, all having caller ID with name.
    When I treyed it it seems only 1 device can log in.

  6. pikach, no. Only one device can connect to a GV account (and by extension, to the Simon Telephonics account associated with that GV account) at a time.

  7. pikach said

    I have no issue when I connect both devices with the same gv account. both work simultaneously.
    It only happens when I connect them with simons server.

  8. pikach, you actually do have an issue in that incoming calls will only ring on whichever device registered most recently. At least, that’s how it works for everyone else that’s ever tried it, so if you’ve somehow managed to configure two devices to use the same Google Voice account and have both ring simultaneously on incoming calls, there are a LOT of folks who are going to want to know how you did it.

    Anyway, the Simon Telephonics server works just as it should for the rest of us, who haven’t fallen into your alternate universe where things that should not work apparently do. It’s a free service, so you get it the way he has it set up.

  9. Bill said

    You can only register one SIP device to the gateway at a time. If you register a second one it will become the new SIP target, overriding the first.

  10. Joe said

    Since recent outage at Obitalk today, I was led to this article. By configuring this, aren’t I just adding one more possible layer of failure? If Simon’s site goes down – will sending/receiving calls on Obi also fail? So now I’m dependant on GV, Obitalk and now also Simon?

  11. Joe, first of all, have you dialed * * * 6 from the phone attached to your Obihai device to obtain the firmware update that was released this morning? Note that if you have an OBi202, the update has not yet been released as I am writing this.

    But yes, you are correct, you are adding an additional potential point of failure to the chain. Whether the extra functionality is worth the additional potential for service disruption is up to each individual to decide.

  12. Lawrence M said

    OK, so Simon’s Gateway is great. Only item missing is getting my mobile to ring. You see, it appears once the Simon Gateway is activated on a verified Google Voice number, all calls to that number will go the Obi and not ring the any other forwarding phones, in this example my mobile. I am guessing there is a way to make this work by modifying the Obi Expert Settings? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

  13. I don’t know why that would happen but I will suggest going into your Google Voice account settings, unchecking all destinations, give it a few seconds to process that, then check both your mobile and Google Talk as destinations. For some reason Google Voice occasionally “loses” a setting and even though it shows a setting as being set (or unset), it really isn’t as shown, but toggling it may fix it. Also, be aware that if you are going through a software PBX server rather than direct to the Obihai device, you may have the server set to “answer” the call almost immediately so that Google Voice can’t snatch the call back and send it to their voicemail. If you do that, Google Voice considers the call “answered” by the PBX, and will stop trying to ring the mobile.

  14. Robert Horton said

    I’ve last couple days started getting “Call Ended (500 Server Internal Error)” errors, intermittently on outgoing calls. I use your service for caller ID names.

    Are you having any issues at moment? Obhai suggested the problem might be on your side, since I’m not using GV directly.

  15. As I told you in reply to your e-mail, I’m not Bill Simon and I don’t have anything to do with the operation of his gateway. If he reads this, maybe he will respond to you.

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