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Link: A New Project To Run Mac OS X Binaries On Linux

This falls into the category of “I wonder why no one ever thought of this before” — it seems to me that since OS X and Linux are both based on Unix (more or less), it would be easier to make OS X software run under Linux than Windows software.

While there is the Wine project to run native Windows binaries on Linux (and other platforms), there’s a new open-source project that’s emerging for running Apple OS X binaries on Linux in a seamless manner.

It is The Darling Project that’s set out to achieve binary compatible support for Apple OS X / Darwin applications on Linux. …

More here:

A New Project To Run Mac OS X Binaries On Linux (Phoronix)

By the way, I think they need a logo.  I suggest Tux the penguin hugging a heart with an apple stem coming out of the top.  I would suggest Tux hugging an actual apple, but you-know-who would probably sue.

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