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OBiWiFi Wireless Adapter for OBi202 now available

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Republic Wireless becomes cheapest unlimited wireless service

The deal is this:  You pay $199 for the first month of service, which includes a new LG Optimus smartphone.  After the first month, you pay $19 per month, plus tax. For that, you get “Unlimited minutes, data, & text – No contracts or early termination fees – No overages, ever!”

The company apparently tries to send calls via a Wi-Fi connection where available, and in the past they’ve apparently attempted to force customers to make sure that a certain percentage of calls went via Wi-Fi (rather than over Sprint’s network, which is the fallback option), with a “fair use policy.”  But as of this morning, the “fair use policy” is apparently gone, and customers get unlimited service with no restrictions, or at least that’s what’s being reported here:

Republic Scraps Their Fair Use Provision (

Unlimited Cellphone $19/mo. (PBX in a Flash forum)

I suppose a lot of folks will think twice about that first month cost (although the fact that you get an Android-based phone probably makes that a lot more palatable) but the “unlimited minutes, data, and text” will certainly be attractive to many users.  Just keep in mind that no contract means that they can change the terms of the offer at any time, and if too many people fail to offload enough of their traffic to Wi-Fi to make the service financially viable they may be forced to raise the monthly rate at some point down the road.

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